I come up with an idea to help me grow (share your thoughts)

yo gang idea come up into my mind
would it be helpfull for my main account (art)
if ill start a new account with only sctech works of mine leading to my main account
where i upload my finshed works and ill push him with unfollow follow method like and comment
engagement groups so ill hit few hashtags top ranked
and dm people to lead my main account
would it work or in anycase ill make my second account ban and mabye risk my main bacause
all the leading go to my main account? any thoughts on this idea and how can i make it sharper as well thx for your thoughts

This is also called the mother-slave method . Nothing new there .

If a community manager takes a look , both will be gone .

It will create less traffic but involves the same risk .


lol mother slave

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Mother-slave method. Goodness I need to get into the lvl2 master status soon lol

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