I did 400 follows per day since a week without block

i did 400 follows per day since a week without block manally.did instagram chenged their laws


Yes, you can do that manually or automatically from time to time but it will not last, after a while the action will be blocked

Come back after one month and tell us how it’s going :smiley:



Lol was thinking the same thing

Any update after 1 month?

I tried doing 250 follows per day manually using my smartphone and got my account action blocked whereas I tried 400-450 follows per day using chrome browser in my pc and that really works fine. I am using this method from past 2 months.
I don’t know what’s the reason behind that…

I’ve heard the same thing, that you can do more actions when using Browser than when using Phone. Why is that happening, I’ve got no clue.

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so, you’re saying you’ve been able to manually follow 400-450 per day using your browser for 2 months?

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Yes!!! But i don’t know how. :grimacing:

Make sure that your actions “stick”

The first step of a soft block is to make you believe you followed some accounts, but they don’t stick when you reload the page :slight_smile:

Yes brother I already tested this on these accounts there is no following drop after refreshing. The following number remains the same after refreshing.

I am testing these accounts alot and trying to find if there is any issue but i found nothing unusual.
Accounts are working 100% fine till now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Even the follow back ratio is great…

You dont get any TL/ConfirmOnApp captcha on those accounts that follows 400 a day?

No I don’t get any PV request/captcha on these accounts.
PTN : I post 3 posts daily, few stories, reels, and try to watch content from these accounts so that everything looks fine. I have started with 100-150 follows a day 3 months ago but gradually I increased this number to 400-450 follows a day and I am doing 400 - 450 follows a day from past 2 months.

hard to believe honestly, maybe you could share the igblade historic stats for the rest of us hard-believers? This could be quite something if it really works.

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Why aren’t you guys believing the guy :smiley: Has IG really made you such disbelievers :smiley:

Need I remind you the 2019 ig-pocalypse? the 6k monthly hard block? :smiley: Mass-hiatus of IG managers going bust. I was out of the picture for a good 1.5y too. Nowadays most of us are happy with doing 100-150 daily follows. So, yea 3x this consistently is indeed hard to believe. I have no doubt there are outliers in every community but proof is king in such instances. No offence to the OP, I really really really hope he is actually doing it as this would open some opportunity for the rest of us to try.

But until I can see proof, there’s been tons of fake course sellers saying they’re following 5x more what everyone else can do and grow like on steriods. When in reality most of the time those guys are there just to sell you into their funnel with bullshit. Again, not saying OP is one of them, but I’ve seen too much of that to just believe what anyone says on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

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nice stuff, you IP is from what country? and how old is that account? but yeah 2 months is great

I am using Indian 4g IP to do this and that account is 8-9 months old and I don’t want to sell any course to you guys. I was just testing this so i thought I should share my experience with you guys. I actually don’t know how is it possible because I got action blocked 2 times on my mobile phone but it works perfectly in pc.

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Are you doing manual? Whats the max number of follows you do in one operation?