I do have question about this forum

Hello everyone,

I appreciate beeing part of this community, neverteless, I’m getting a little bit frustrated with the deleted threads (Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!).

I understand, that some of the threads goes in to LVL2 or some gets deleted because they are pure spam. But there are still a few threads that get moved away (not mine) and I couldn’t have find any reason why.

So, I’d like to suggest some improvement, like give a one worded reason - under the text (Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!)
Something like: LVL2, Spam, Advertisiment…
I’d really appreciate something like this.

I’m moving mainly in the Instagram marketing sub forum, and there are threads that are interesting (simple question, or people communicate with each other about a service - not offering one or spamming ads…) to read. So, I save them to read later but once I get back, I get this annoying message: Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

If this thread is in wrong category, please feel free to move it.
Anyway, wish you all to have an amazing day!



That actually sounds reasonable.

I totally agree, good point.

It’d be really useful to know

Good suggestion, but the system does not work in the way you have suggested.

Say a topic that you have bookmarked gets deleted. There is no option on the forum software that will show a page saying “this has been deleted because of this and this”. If it gets deleted, it simply goes away.

So, while it would be nice to know why something happened, there is no easy and mass way for that to happen. If a topic goes private or unlisted, there is no place that would indicate that. You will simple not have access to it.

Also, please consider that there are hundreds of topics that get axed on a weekly basis. Even if there was an option to put what you are suggesting, it would add a boat load of work to the admin’s plate for very little pay off.

The best advice I can give you and everyone else - when you find something worthwhile, screenshot it and save it externally. This way you keep the information no matter what happens. Topics get deleted and moved, answers get edited or lost, users get banned, etc. You see something useful, get it out and to your computer and you are good no matter what happens.