I do not have much back IG on my website?

Hello everyone
I try to follow your posts but as I am french (and that the French are null in English), I have difficulty to follow your comments with a translation google.
But I am happy to be part of this community of passionate.
I am a jewelry designer, I launched an IG page with MP here are the results for 4 weeks.

I have not much IG back on my website (1 per day)
I try to see with your post what does not work in my approach but honestly I do not find the fault.
If a person can give me some advice I would be very grateful.
thanks in advance
Sorry in advance for mistakes in your language.
Jerome de France

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You mean not much IG Traffick to your website ? If yes 1click per day for that kind of new acc with ~1.000 followers is not very bad.

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Nice I like your niche . What is the link in ur bio(S)? Are u using direct messaging? Or just follow/unfollow/liking

Do you have a nice professional website? That’s going to help convert your traffic

Also do your best to look like a real genuine person. English language would help unless u are just targeting French speaking ppl.

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thank you for your reply
For now I am targeting the French market but I hesitate because it is not wide enough.
The link in my biography refers to my website.
And I do not use direct mail just follow / do not follow / like
There is a tutorial for direct mail because I do not see how to use it.
Thank you in advance for your answer

You need a strong CTA (call to action) as well as good content if traffic your website is your end goal. Check here for some examples of CTA.


Too bad “Sorry, you do not have access to that!” I do not have access to this topic yet

You’ll get there soon.

Google, “Call to action” Instagram. If you ask people to check out the link in your bio, you get a much stronger reaction.

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Use something controversial what make them click. But also something connected with your website :slight_smile:

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Can I send a comment? Every time someone follow my profile
But how should I integrate my # or @ link?

best thing to do is have an incentive. Say you have a free thing they can download whatever it is you have to be creative. The main goal is for them to click your link.

For my niche is a little easier since i sell digital files. I offer them for free. & I collect their emails. Then I sell to them later.

MAIN ingredient is relationship building. Following / Liking isn’t really building a relationship.

You should try facebook groups. You might getaway without much communication . My mom doesn’t know English and her business makes money from facebook groups only.

& are u paying attention to the people on top of your niche? try to reverse engineer them.

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Thanks for your precious advice
Jérôme of France

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You can send them a direct message after they follow you, using Mass Planner Contact Members extra module, Just go to Contact tool in your Instagram account and click on Send Message To New Followers and then tick the “Send new Followers a Message” box and set up your message there and go to Send Messages tab and turn it ON.

Don’t forget to use spintext with your message text, search in the forum to learn more about it.