I get 4 sales today from my instagram store

i get 4 sales today from my instagram store and i earned 95 usd in one day its the power of jarvee and ig i am so happy that am in this amazing world of internet marketing


That’s superb, I wish you even more sales.

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Are you using shopify or wocommerce??

woocommerce not shopify


That’s awesome! Keep it going! I’d love learn more about how you did it!

Congratulations :slight_smile: now that you know you can do it… do it again and strive for a bigger number :grinning:


congrats … can I ask you what kind of proxy you have for your jarvee… is it datacenter, mobile 4g, etc??

How big is your Instagram page? and what is your engagement rate

hey would you please help me regarding this, i am also in ecommerce field but dont know how to grow my insta to get sales organiclly. Really appreciate your help

wow! Great, I am also new on social marketing, you do really inspired me to work on it:)

I just buy jarvee:) Plan to handle 20 - 50 accounts for social traffic!

Wow sounds good, we can keep in touch with each other because I am a seller on Instagram as well.
Have a good day!

Great ! I will create a dropshipping store soon !

Congratulations !! now it’s time to scale it :smiley::+1:

Nice one! Also interested in acct size / engagement

Congrats! is this a dedicated page related to your product or is like a personal page with some post about the product in it?

Congratulations! They say the first sale is the hardest, keep it up!

Wow good for you!
Can i see your IG profile ? :yum:

How did you tag your products using jarvee

Congrats!!! :slight_smile:

Scaling is your best friend now :slight_smile: Good luck!