I got $10 Paypal for anyone who can solve this quick problem for me

Title is real, i’ll Paypal it over.

Okay I have a challenge, let’s say hypothetically I am managing 10-20 FB accounts, and I want to aggregate their comments/ DM’s in one place… Has any tool (besides Jarvee) that has been created for this, or a workaround?

These accounts are all posting randomly to randomized fb groups, with spintax and unique ID’s. 90% of our leads end up in the comments… And no, we can’t post as a facebook page, these posts are coming from normal personal accounts (bots).

I need to be able to aggregate all the replies/ DM’s in one place so I have an employee sort through them and finish the sale/ Reply.

First One to solve the problem, it’s yours.

So in short you mean you want to just segregate all comments,replies into one place and reply them automatically through some sort of a dashboard?

To be honest,$10 won’t solve this problem as far as I can think,if anyone can do it for that price then I would also want a solution for this.

There are some ways to do it,as you said a working tool but I don’t see any good Facebook bots nowedays.

Another option is remote administration with notification forwarding,that’s what I do for all of my social apps like WhatsApp,telegram and this helps me to reply through all of my social accounts from just one phone.

But this would just help you incase for messenger,about comment replies I don’t see any stable and working solution because Facebook is literally a hell to automate safely via tools.

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Somewhat, I should say that the $10 was for if someone had a fast solution, it’s looking like Socinator is the only tool that can complete this task atm…

So to understand better

I have 3 facebook accounts,

Each account is posting in 50 groups each day,

To collect all comments at one place and reply to all of them from a sort of dashboard or a panel,only a tool can do this but do your own due diligence before automating Facebook.

Also for messenger,Notification forwarding can work!

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Yeah I am noticing the same thing, it’s super challenging to find a way to solve this issue.

We can absoulutely do this but the $10 really is a joke. So I will just say, 100% doable…

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LMAO! I’m sold can I Shoot you a message.

The $10 is still yours ofc, but I will absolutely pay whatever price it is to get it done.

Let me know the solution too so why not just post it here in this thread?

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Money, that’s why :smiley:
Custom solutions, custom rewards.


Lmao, I said i’m willing to pay >.>

Nobody would have commented unless I through something out there :wink:

That’s not correct, we help each other in this forum. Actually the $10 probably stopped many ppl to tell you a solution :wink:


We’re entitled to our opinions, my experiences says otherwise. Appreciate you taking the time to respond.