I got a blue verified badge and I'm not happy!

Clickbait title, but it isn’t so far from the reality.

In few words: I have a personal (but business) account with 260k followers and a terrible engagement: usually 2.000+ likes for photo without powerlikes or round etc…

But I have also 150+ or 200+ natural comments from my real and loyal fans.

Few weeks ago I was thinking to start from scratch a backup account and then move my username to the new one in the future.

But, after few collaboration and big media mentions, my account have been verified by instagram.


Yes… The blue badge! :call_me_hand:t4:

The problem is that right now I can’t grow a second account and switch the username.

The reason is simple: I could lose the badge.

So I’m trying to understand what can I do right now to grow the engagement.

My idea is this:

  1. Blocking all the inactive and ghost followers.

  2. Bring my account from 260k to 150k followers

  3. Hire a social media manager and give him the task to manually engage (dm, comments and like) everyday with as many other big account of my niche as he can.

  4. I have already deactivate f/u and use of hashtags months ago :slight_smile:

Why my engagement is bad?

Simple: one year ago I was buying likes to go in explore page.

My target? An account with 100k+ followers and 6-7.000 likes a photo.

Everything without powelikes, round groups etc…

I’m asking too much?

What do you suggest me?

I’m searching for some informations, data or case studies on how blocking thousands of followers can affect my engagement.

I can’t find nothing here on the forum.

PM me the account name please.


I have heard if one gets blue your eg will go down by 2 others also verified

Ok. It could be true because before the badge I was doing better.

What about the strategy? I have seen other posts from you and I can see u are expert Alex.

I’m interested in a feedback from you about my action plan :slight_smile:

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i do not know those waters,so can’t recommend

I do know they went back up in EG…so stay with current for 2 weeks?

Don’t block your followers!

Now that you’re verified you can dm other verified and large pages to do dm likes with them. Target a minimum of 180k accounts since you have a big page and many people would be happy to re on a verified page. If it’s too time consuming to manually engage back on those dms then use a bot specially made to manage dm groups.

Use the verified badge to your advantage :wink:


Yes that is part of my plan: engage with big pages.

But I was also thinking to block ghost and inactive to bring back some trust from IG.

I make amazing photos but I never hit the popular page because of my Followers/Engagement ratio.

Why you suggest me to don’t block the followers?

huh? you never got to the explore page you mean?

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In the past yes… Right now that I have a huge page with low engagement I can’t get on popular (for hashtag) and also in explore.

Personally I would never suggest blocking followers especially if they’re not fake followers. The reason your engagement isn’t that great is because most of your followers aren’t seeing the posts, actually ig limits your reach when they notice artificial engagement coming in especially from poor quality powerlike providers (did a study on that). Let the page go without any artificial engagement and just use dm likes to boost your posts.

Here is a simple example from yesterday with dm engagement only and this is considered nothing special.




You should not diet to lose weight by weight by cutting a arm off —


Im having similar problem with relatively low engagement despite 150k followers. (3-5k views) Currently using F/U and L/C tools and also LExch. Not sure if all these tools are resulting in the low number of users that are seeing our posts… any thoughts? I see similar accounts in the same niche that get huge number of views and some accounts that have grown significantly (passing us) and cannot figure out what some of these accounts are doing that results in such high views. Often times we may even post the same content… Also, I dont believe that we have a large number of ghost followers. Many users have told me they just never see our posts…thoughts?

My clients with blue ticks have gone down dramatically in engagement, but to the same extent I’d say the quality of their content has deteriorated (I just update provided content on the job) so could as much be that!

May I ask you, do you have a low ER AND a verified badge?

Exactly. Maybe you have a lot of “real followers”, but maybe they are following 5,000 other acc.s. Then it is difficult to be on top of the news feed…

Thank for the info :smiley: :+1:
Could you say something about the statistics you have posted? That would be AWESOME :smiley:

  • I guess these are figures that you got because you have a business acc., right?
  • And what is the meaning of the figures, e.g. this one:
    This figure is counted since the creation of the acc. not for your last post, right?

Does this mean you recommend not to buy likes (which comes mainly from empty or dead acc.s), but to use engagement groups (telegram or dm groups)?

Thanks, @llello :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet:


The stats of a post that went viral, it means 1.8 million people saw it.

Wrong, those stats are just for that specific post, ofc it increases over time or as I get another viral but those stats began accumulating as soon as I posted it.

Exactly, engagement groups with large accounts increase your overall reach since when I like your post my followers have a higher chance of seeing it which is where large accounts come into play.

Here’s an example why I do dm likes and I choose which accounts to do it with :point_down:

Your page does better when it gets likes and engagement from accounts in the same niche because when I like your pic my followers have a higher chance of seeing it, so if I’m a meme page and you’re a fitness page chances are my meme page followers don’t like fitness which won’t give much reach but if I liked a meme page photo then my followers will see it hence more reach.

:point_right: Not sure if I explained it clear enough but bottom line, likes from accounts in the same niche equal higher reach.


I have a personal fashion account, do you join any engagement groups on telegram?

You mentioned DMing, do I just dm people in my niche to like each other’s post?

interesting, i was not aware that the number of follows my followers-> followings have impacts this. I will need to review.