I got shut down on FB- need to find another way!

I need help getting going with FB ads after being shut down last month.

Story: all of my accounts were flagged and shut down in august no warning/explanation and all appeals rejected. I had about 8 ad accounts connected, including clients and personal. I need to continue running ads for clients but this seems impossible right now. (although I realize there’s ways, but not tech savvy enough to figure out on my own)

Found a few YouTube videos and tried this approach:
I created a 2nd biz manager under a family member. Created a new page with nothing on it, to act as the “front”. I planned on xferring my agency page with its reviews and followers, but FB has made that impossible too.

Had a client give me access via Biz Manager. But now I can’t even add myself to manage any assets bc FB flagged my name (you’re not longer able to advertise).

So basically completely dead in the water. In return I’ll help you grow you IG or Paypal you for your help.

What were you advertising?

When my accounts were shut down I had just started running ads for my organic Instagram growth service. I had studied some ads from competitors and made sure I followed their copy/ads as I know this can be a sensitive area for both IG and FB.

The competitors ads are still active.

In fact the morning my first series of split tests finished, was the morning they were all shut off. This time with no warning. They were reviewed 3 times before approved btw.

I’ve had an individual account get shut down after multiple warnings earlier this winter, when i first got into it. That was for a local cannabis delivery service, so that one I can at least understand.

Yes. They are going after that HARD. There are some people who make it work, but I’ve heard they have inside knowledge on when FB reviews so they scale back that day or two.

You could use a 3rd party white label agency to run your clients ads for you. That would at least keep those running.

Some white label FB ad agencies will also run ads for your agency.

thank you, looking into that as well. Seems to be the only way is running ads from another person’s FB account (like a family member). talking to someone tomorrow to try and set that up. I’ll come back and post my results in case anyone else falls in this pit