I got the Instagram Dark Mode

So I woke up to this today. I have the beta testing signed up and looks like they finally released the dark mode. :love_you_gesture:

Anyone else seeing it?


Looking good!! Can’t wait :blush:


I really want this. Looks great! Did it happen automatically or did you tick a button somewhere to enable dark mode?

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really cool, my eyes are excited!!!

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It just happened automatically. I am signed up for beta tester via play store and helps me get the updates faster than others.

I asked some friends around in my country and they haven’t got it yet :smiley:
Maybe would take some time or its just a test version

Just sing up for beta access and after some 3/10m you can update to beta version and it will be there, it will be already applied if you have dark setting already activated in android.

Finally IG at night won’t take a toll on the eyes.

I also just received dark mode? Anyone else?

Also got it here in South Africa :blush:

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Also woke up to this this morning.

Me too, in Australia.

I have it since yesterday too and i like it, if your iOS is updated to the latest version and you turned on dark mode for it, Insta will be dark too automatically. If not, just reinstall the app :slight_smile:

In Android, you can toggle between dark mode and normal mode in the display settings