I got verified via the request form on instagram

I own a photography account with about 250K followers.
Been trying to get verified for a very Long time. Applied 3 times didn’t work, but I kept going. The fourth time, I finally got accepted!!! I have the blue tick now.
Just thought id share this with the ones trying to get the blue tick!


What process you follow man?

I went to the app, settings, request verification, and submitted my passport !
Also tried getting a bit of press before to back me up

What press outlets?

Chicago tribune
The frisky
Thrive global

thanks for sharing a lot of my clients have been asking for verification

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No problem mate. Took me a long time to get it. Been working on this for months I couldn’t believe it when I woke up and saw the tick !


Congrats, good to hear! How do you think Instagram noticed your press? Can it easily be found if searching your Instagram handle on Google?

No but searching my name yes. It will show up on the first page after the Facebook, instagram, etc… first results. So nothing too big either.
But I also have 250k followers, 20k likes and 350 comments average on my account.

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That’s really useful insight bro. Thanks for sharing.

This is great! I would love to hear others that found success with this as well! Congrats @Stevensteven

I’m curious too to know if any of you have had success too ?

@stevensteven this is so awesome and encouraging! :raised_hands:t2:

can you really doing other peopels verify their isntagram ? i have many orders for verify services but need legit like you how I can talk or what your insta @

The #1 reason why anyone gets a blue verified tick on Instagram is because newspapers have done reports on them.
Or, a huge agency with Instagram asked their rep.

Little people with no newspaper, or recognized big magazine, report won’t get listed, unless you’re a movie or tv, or sports star.

One year later still have the tick.