I grew a Million followers in a month... is this a big deal?

Hey Ian - I would troubleshoot your street photography game. It should work regardless of age in my opinion. I’m 30 years old approaching all ages, girls with their mom, girls with their boyfriend. It’s all about how you approach them.

Half the people do tell me to fuck off, but the other half don’t. Keep approaching people and eventually someone will say yes. I’ve done street photography in NYC and got a lot of people to shoot with me. It all came with changing up how I approach the strangers (show them your portfolio right off the bat helps)


Really appreciate this feedback! I guess I’ve been creating good content without realizing WHY it’s good content. I see now that the story telling aspect of my videos helps make them enjoyable to watch. Thanks for sharing that insight


I’ll test it out again once weather is warm again, not far off in age and don’t look old either, but creep factor is a huge problem these days due to all the bad guy photographers. Anyway, don’t want to derail your topic. Keep rockin the Tok.


Seriously epic content @alex408. Really impressed with what you’re doing! I think you’re smart with the cross over to IG to sell. I’ve seen a lot of people do well with the TikTok crossover of showing the finished results on TikTok then teaching the method behind it on IG

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Yes that is very impressive keep growing it!

Not dumb luck. I think you have contents that keep people watching for a long time (instead of a lot of skip to next) so your posts must get promoted by tiktok algorithm because of it. Great job.


I am curious, what do you think your TikTok to IG conversion ratio is?

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Dang man great job!! Your ig is super original, too.

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with instagram ads ?

I’ve converted 2% of my TikTok following to IG. That number is similar for a buddy of mine that hit a million followers on TikTok as well


wow Alex that’s amazing! Congrats on your success but your content is really beautiful in fact.

you can start to monetize through influencer agencies. Your success definitely will be rewarded with a brand partnership.

I really want to do that. If you can help me I appreciate a lot.

I messaged him but he didn’t reply, so don’t bother. I found a contact in TikTok myself. I would suggest using LinkedIn to find employees there and just contact them directly.

Hey Alex,

I would like to do a photoshoot with you sometime.
You have an amazing perspective. Absolutely love your work.
please check our my IG from @alleygirl

Awesome content and congrats on such quick growth! Nice inspiration post :slight_smile: Followed you

He has almost 3m followers now.
Great job,great content


Good job man! Proof that original / quality content really works on TT. (unlike IG)


id suggest moving your fans to Snapchat / maybe even start a Patreon account thats one way to stay ahead


What’s the benefit of Snapchat and Patreon followers specifically?