I grew a Million followers in a month... is this a big deal?

Hey guys - I accidentally went viral multiple times on TikTok and I’ve reached 950k in a matter of about a month.

I was wondering how many TikTok accounts have reached a million+ followers. Is this a big deal or something that’s been done by thousands of people?

Thank you! My TikTok account is @alex.stemp


share the method … and did you use tools or just organic

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I didn’t use any methods or tricks. It was all organic, I think it was dumb luck really


Yup pretty decent.
If you would like I can get you a popular creator page (different variation of a “verified” account).

((For free, no upsell or anything)


Dude that would be amazing! I’ve been trying to find out how to get that. Can I DM you or how should I reach out to you for that


Hey Alex, damnnn. When I saw this post I was like I won’t even bother to open his profile, probably some kid doing some retarded videos on tiktok like everyone else. But this is so creative, you gave me some ideas now, how to finally start something on tiktok, because I don’t want to record myself doing some stupid dance or whatever. This is top!!! Thanks bro for sharing


Awesome content alex!

Sent you a DM

congrats man!

Amazing, dude! Your content is terrific and you deserve the exposure!!


love the content man congratulations! I hope tiktok pays off for you its definitely a great avenue to monetize


Checked out the page. Content is top notch man. That wasn’t luck :slight_smile:

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Bro, you’re a top tier creator. No luck involved, just skill.


Nice Job Bro!

How are you monetizing your account?


I haven’t monetized at all yet. I really don’t know how to do that. Some people are checking out my Instagram that I linked to TikTok and are buying my editing videos which I link to in my IG bio. That’s about it though


Been following you already. What you guys are doing up in San Francisco is inspiring bro. The story is what made you guys go viral. You and all your friends are great photographers… But next level story tellers! Keep it up

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Damn you managed to move your whole business to Tik Tok from IG?

Moreso just added it to the suite of things available.
People laughed a year or so ago when I did music.ly campaigns. Now people are seeing the merit I guess.

Just launched a 200 influencer campaign on tiktok, in 12 countries, yesterday. But all traffic funnels into Instagram so we can retarget traffic.


@alex408 you’re content is awesome man!

Good stuff man, I guess being the right age helps a lot with this.

If you approach people like that in NYC no matter what age, you get ignored or told to fuck off at best. As a photographer who has tried that to get easy Instagram content it’s challenging enough just to talk to strangers, but hey, good to see it works for someone!