I have 3 aged IG accounts I created - Can I use my home IP for all?

Hi, I’ve been using this forum for knowledge for a while, decided to sign up & eventually will contribute.

I have a fairly simple question:

I have (3) IG accounts I created some time ago
1 = 15 months old
1 = 28 months old
1 = 7 months old

All created from iphone 8+ on home IP.

Can I run automation from these?
200 f/uf
200+ likes/hour

I’ll be posting content manually to build the accounts as quality.

I’m trying to get into the fan account / M/S game, but want to understand if I can build these HQ accounts first.


At a basic level yes.
If you are following the current situation on IG you’ll probably know it’s a hard time for automation users…

In theory yes, although I would recommend waiting to start automation.
Take a look at the most recent threads on follow blocks for more info and see why I would recommed to wait

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Yes, I have several friends in the M/S game - I’m an experienced marketer, looking to get into the M/S game.

How long should I wait?

I can start very small…50 f/uf after a few days…maybe I just begin with engaging? likes/comments?

yeah you can, I know people who are running 10 accounts with their home ip

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OK - Thanks everyone for input.

More feedback or any tangible strategy is always welcome.
(How I should begin, what automation levels, etc)

This forum is great!