I have 5k followers in my page. How many hashtags i have to use in each post. And what is the right stratgy for growing up

I have 5k followers in my page. How many hashtags i have to use in each post. And what is the right stratgy for growing up

For hashtags limit is 30. Above 30 hashtags IG doesn’t post them so choose in that range. I am keeping between 5-25 range.

For 5k followers I would go with the 10k and bellow hashtags and add 1-3 higher hashtags but not over 100k

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You should choose your hashtag size depending on your expected engagement on a post. Check the top page of the hashtags you’re planning to use and see if you can compete with the amount of likes and comments the top posts got. There are tools available that do that for you. Pick hashtags of different sizes, some you can easily rank in, some that are a bit more difficult, some that would work for you on a really good day. Don’t go for spammy hashtags or hashtags with multiple million posts.

It’s not so much about the amount of followers (although people tend to follow faster when you’re bigger), it’s more about how engaged your followers are. 5k don’t help you rank if you get 10 likes on average and maybe one comment every now and then.

What has been your growth strategy so far? Is it still working for you, do you just want to tweak it a bit for better results, or have you hit a plateau?

At first i began to use the same hashtags until i reached 3k when i changed the hashtags i noticed a less of likes. I am now useing the first hashtags again but with less of likes also. I recieve between 80 to 90 followres a day now. I loon for to grow faster than this.

What’s your average amount of likes? Do people comment on your posts, do they share and save them?
How do you interact with your followers and followings? Do you interact with people in your niche who don’t follow you?
Do you post stories? How’s the view count for them?

Are you just trying to grow through hashtags or are you using other methods?

My average of likes is 600.people comment and save and share my posts i do not interact with people who do not follow me. I post stories sometimes and they get 100 to 200 views.
I just try to grow using hashtags.

Hey I run a art page the content is created by me. I have 3800 followers and I am following 1000 people I am doing F/UF daily. I do post once a day but still my reach is not much Can you guys do any help? I would really appreciate it.