I have a FB page with 300k Followers. I have questions

I have a FB page I started about 6 years ago. It was based on something viral at the time and quickly grew organically to over 300k fans. Engagement was great. I didn’t do anything with the page as I didn’t know anything about FB marketing I just did it for fun.

The last post on the page was about 3 years ago. It still grows but very slowly due to being inactive. I believe the page would do great with other viral content.

Advice on what I should do next? I have a lot of people messaging me to purchase the page but they all sound like scams. I am not an idiot and would never sell without verifying multiple times who I am dealing with. I would love to turn this into a stream of income.

It might help if you were able to give a little bit more information about niche/current engagement of the page.It all really comes down to personal preference how you’d like to monetize.

  1. One of the easiest ways would probably be to find an affiliate marketing link that fits your pages niche/followers value. However, this will only work if it works for the niche, if it doesn’t work it could lose you alot of followers thinking your just another account trying to get money. Affiliate marketing is a little riskier depending on how you would push it.
  2. Another way you could go about it is reaching out to others within your niche. Explore how they are monetizing, with a page of that size you should be able to talk to most people in your niche without too much trouble.
  3. Shoutouts for people in your niche, or products in your niche is probably the most organic method that is the least risky.

What I would do if I was you is do some research within your niche. Search similar pages on facebook and instagram and then see how those people are monetizing. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them, some may not respond but with an account of that size a decent amount should respond. Take everything with a grain of salt and just try to start understanding your niche, why people are following your page, and then try to double down on that and provide value in some sort of way.

PS: The highest profit margins would come from a product/service you create yourself. This would require a level of business savyness though.

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

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Thank you for the reply. I was thinking about starting off by just sharing more viral content. It is comedy based so more funny/viral videos should be right in line. I will do this for a week or so test engagement. Depending on how it turns out I may then reach out to other groups.

Thanks again.


fb instant articles are doing pretty good, infact im going to start fb page soon myself plus it fits viral video niche :wink: aff ofers are not going to work. If you want to collaborate and discus this further hit me up in a dm

Hey, I’d be interested in speaking to you about this. Depending what demographics it has i have many ideas.