I have a glitch that I can't get out of

So I have some accounts that say they need a PV. I went to the EB on one account and it takes me to the login, and when I fill it out I get a “sorry this page isn’t available” message. I tried to verify with the API but an error that I will attach. So, I thought the account was banned. So I went to the forgot password section to make sure. I put my username and then I got a password reset email. After this, I put the url in my EB and then I was able to type in a new password, and then when I submitted it another “sorry this page isn’t available” message popped up. I then verified the account and invalid credentials came up. So I then put the new password in, and then verified it, and the PV message came up again. Lastly, I went to the EB and it still shows the “sorry thus page isn’t available” message. Any thoughts?

You need to force an update of MP. Once you do you should have the option.

I already updated MP?

And what option are you referring to?

@Adnan help me please lol

Quit MassPlanner (Using Task Manager if you have to force quit), then open the folder where MassPlanner executables are located. (Right click on the desktop shortcut > Open File Location)

Once there, run MassPlannerNew.Updater.exe and it should force an update.

Yes, I am having the same issue. It is happening on accounts that were added to Massplanner after the UI update.

I just added 60 more accounts and I can’t PV / EV any of them.

I just told you my MP is already updated

Contact Support in this case, seems like it’s probably a bug, they should be made aware of that way, so it can be resolved faster.

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I will but hopefully someone on the team could respond about this

Guys, it seems Instagram has changed something on their end related to phone verification, its not related to the MP update.
We will try to find a solution for this as fast as we can.

There is a way you can solve this manually until we sort this out. You can go in MassPlanner and click on the verify button for the account that requires phone verification. After that go in MP installation folder in the logs folder and open the mainlog.log file. Scroll to the end of the file and search for something like https://i.instagram.com/api/v1/accounts/login/ and content:{“checkpoint_url”: “https://i.instagram.com/challenge/3987480013/UnZfp4aE3c/”, “lock”: true, “status”: “fail”, “error_type”: “checkpoint_challenge_required”, “message”: “checkpoint_required”}

What you need is to copy the checkpoint_url https://i.instagram.com/challenge/3987480013/UnZfp4aE3c (in your case there will be other digits and letters at the end).
Copy that url then go in MP on that account click browse and in the EB enable manual browsing enter that url and click go. This way you will get to the phone verification page.

There are a lot of steps, if you do not want to do this you can wait for our next update which will take another 2 - 3 days at least.

thank god, thanks!!!

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Any updates on this?

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any news on pv problem ??

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@disruptmedia @iop We will launch an update in the next few hours that should fix the phone verification issue.


Yeaaaasssssss i am waiting for you my friend !
I have lot of accs with this problem.

It works only when i login with phone thanni can login and PV.
To much work for lot of accs.
When will the update be launched ?
I had the plan to start PV everything on phone before i readed this topic

Not sure on how to fix this issue, it seems like the guys at MP are doing an update to fix the PV.

However just a little tip, the title says “I have a glitch that I can’t get out of”

When you say you “Can’t” you trick your brain almost to thinking that you can’t when it actual fact you can, I suggest using words like, “I have a glitch what I don’t yet know how to get out of”


The Devs are still working on it, soon :slight_smile:


@Said @mommyfats Can you please send me a PM or a message here if its completed ?
Because after that i wanna continue asap with PV.

same here thanks