I have a marketing budget of 1000$. any one interested?

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Mpsocial admin

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I’d probably be able to help.

PS: We are not looking for people who can help us creating ads.
We are looking for people who has established IG/FB page with active followers.

What niche are you looking for?

Memes prefer… But anything.

PM me or message me on Telegram. I know a few.

can u please give me the telegram link?
@summi08 I have reached my daily reply limit. Can u please pm me the page links?
and please knock me here +1 407 236 4502, am really interested.

Its in my profile bio

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PM ME I have active followers


Yeah this guy has a good account

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how about running a good automation of fb/pinterest im very expert in this pm me if you are interested

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