I have a question about clients using their account while I automate their accounts

I run my automation service for 13 clients. They are all located in Israel and I run them with 4G Proxies located in thailand. I am now going to tell them to stop doing actions while bot is running and do actions when bot is sleeping. By actions it means they cant like follow or comment, or they also cant view stories and send dms at all ?

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not recommended, posting pictures would be ok, but if your clients follow in addition to you you can easy go above the limits.

Depends on what you are automating on your side.

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Its less about going above the limits but more about doing actions from another devices at the same time… Whats the risks and should I stop them from like comment and follow only or from story viewing and DM aswell ?

It seems to be just something people are testing for now.

Intuitively when I began I thought it would be a bad idea to be logged in from 2 different locations but the feedback here was that there was never a problem.

Now after the turbulent period people are being more conservative, and this is another measure that we are effectively testing.

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How do You deal with clients activity? You set sleep time for ex 3-4 pm? Or they use instagram normally when jarvee is making operations? Anyone can share it with me?

my cliend are making actions normally right now, I want to tell them to stop in those hours when Jarvee makes action but should I tell them to stop all activity or only liking commenting and following ?

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Don’t tell them to stop doing anything, most of them will find that annoying and will stop using your service after some time. As long as they are not doing follow/unfollow, you are good, few follows/likes here and there won’t get you blocked.

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I let them do whatever action is not being automated, for example If Im automating follows they cant follow unless bot is sleeping, same with likes. I dont automate comments so I let them comment and like comments too.

I’d be careful with letting them do unfollows. I was using my personal account like normal – posting, liking comments, commenting, viewing stories, etc. But I was flagged as “compromised account” and had to reset password. Then had 2+ week shadowban with geo/tagged/hashtags and still off/on hashtag shadowban.

I’d personally schedule the tools to run more off hours so there is less conflicts.

Doing this on a personal account in my experience lead to a lot of PV which leads to shadow ban. I chit down on actions on my phone while Jarvee was running and BAM no more PV. So just be weary of that.

My clients can do whatever they want whenever they want and I have never had a problem!



Very interesting. Does that include or exclude recent events?


Consider running Tel Aviv proxies for optimal results.

Ever experienced problems with that policy?

I do consider, but only 4G proxies if I’ll be able to find. I used tel aviv dc proxies and they accounts got blocked from liking to often …