I have access to a huge database of customers emails and phone numbers, how should I monetize this oportuinity?

I have access to a huge database of customer emails and phone numbers that already purchased a product. I was wondering if you have any ideas how can I monetize this opportunity by selling adjacent products in the same niche. I am open to ideas and collaboration. Thank you!

Seems like a good source of additional income just make sure you’re complying with privacy laws (ex. GDPR, etc.)

Facebook ads, build an audience out of them

I am in United States

This is a great idea. May I ask which ninche it is?

Bedding industry, I work with a company that sells mattresses in a box.

How many are there, maybe you could start a small business on selling bedding items

100k emails and phone numbers

All from USA? I may get one idea on selling them to potential buyers

All from USA, please lmk. Thank you.

That’s huge, I would buy it from you, but it’s really strange nich, don’t know what to do with them, do you know how manny of them are using instagram for business?

Don’t know how many of them are using Instagram for business.

It’s not dependent on where you are but where your clients are.

Have you built this database or others can also access it?

with bad email marketing you can make 0,10$ per mail monthly
that means 10.000$ monthly for you

you can watch that and monetize it

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I can teach you how to get any Instagram emails from any niche you want.


Please share it!!

Yeah please share it so none of us can make money off of it

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Will do my best to prepare guide

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Please do i like to learn your method. Thank you @ciras