I have an account with 23k followers but don't know how to monetise

Hey guys,

I’ve got a football (soccer) account with 23k followers, it’s specific to a particular team but I don’t know how to monetise it. Is e-commerce viable or will I be breaking copyright by having the team’s badges etc in the products? I tried Amazon Affiliate and it was useless for me.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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It doesn’t have to be branded. Find or make shirts or merchandise that shows love for soccer (sorry I am American and am Constitutionally unable to call it football :slight_smile: ).

Alternatively, find affiliate deals for things they may be interested in, like fitness, health, travel (once quarantine is over).

Not everything has to be for the club, in fact, how many club jerseys are even the hard core followers going to buy? There is a ton of other stuff that they may be interest in.

Best of luck.

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@MrBrad595 is right. Lot of things you can offer.
Also, you don’t have too use official club logo, but you can still use name, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Here’s an example:

and it’s 100% legal.

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