I have an account with only repost automation

i have an account with only repost automation no follow action for 2 month and all its normal but today i want to follow but instagram blocked me for following

Flagged for spam


Said goodbye to your account.

Instagram is reading the md5 of your content.

If there’s a lot of same pixels between photos during certain time, you’re flagged like spam.

You should always modify the content via VscoCam, LightRoom before posting it.


Very interesting.
Was that acc booted (follow / Unfollow) before the last 2 months?

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Sounds like it could be flagged. Have you been using OG captions / different hashtags?

Could also be that someone reported you.

try to change proxy and see if it will work !

If you change the proxy, you could also run just the story viewer for a few days to warm it up on that IP and then try following again.

Do they do any type of similar analytics for videos?

Just change your proxy to 4g.
It works for me like a charm.