I have an amazing barter idea about Instagram/LinkedIn Database!

Hello guys! I’ve found a way how to get the B2B LinkedIn data for very cheap. People are paying tons of money for sites like apollo, snov and other to get this B2B data. It includes a lot of fields such name , surname, company name, linkedin profile, phone number , email etc…

However, i’m not very good at getting instagram emails.

So i’d be very happy to do a barter with sonmeone who is good at getting an instagram emails and who’d like to work with be on barter.

I’ll give you HQ LinkedIn B2B data, and i’ll need your Instagram data. Just username+email, nothing else in fact.

Please, PM me if you’re interested.

Btw, sorry for the moderators if that’s not the good section to post, but i thought that public marketplace won’t be a good place , since you sell/buy something here, but i’m doing a barter.


please message me on Telegram @texaninCA

Good idea, is the LinkedIn B2B info a database you have or current scaping?

that is a terrific idea. Hope it work out