I have an idea for a new account

I have an idea for a new theme account
I thought of taking one of my big In active accounts and just change the name.
Is it a smart move or better to start from scratch?
In terms of algorithm etc

you can do that especially if you are not expecting to get a big engagement from the first post, you can use that old account to test you new idea.

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If it’s a different niche, you might see worse engagement than you would if you were starting afresh.

You can always try it and see! If it’s an inactive account, there isn’t much to lose.

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Why not. But don’t expect anything amazing at the beginning.

In my opinion It’s better to create a new account, especially if the niche is completely different.

yes that’s how I saw it exaclty, if it’s just for testing purposes there is no harm using the old account.