I have been following Adnan and Dconley (ask me anything guy)

@Adnan @Dconley

But their threads are only the following… and unfollowing…

can someone give me a repost settings please? or is it necessary?

I am starting with 3yr old IG account (10 accounts)…

I do not have links on bio yet… i will do a web2.0 prelander…

but I wanted to have some posts on each accounts… that is why I wanted a repost tool enabled…

the last time I setup my own repost tool a lot of IG owners of pics and images reported my main account… due to copyright blah blah… lol

thanks a lot in advance guys! I am hoping to get a safe repost setting soon…

Don’t mention owner of image anywhere. Always make image unique ( Medium or hard ). Use your captions & hashtags. Try to not use watermarked images. Use more sources.

can you screen shot your repost settings please?

I don’t use repost tool.

You can send your screen shot here or PM me, i’ll help if I can :slight_smile:

Be more specific with your question what are you trying to achieve? What niche are you using? How often do you want to post? Are you trying to repost a certain post from another account? Help me help you

@Dconley i just want some vids or pics of my niche on each accounts… so they do not look so empty

1 or 2 pics/vids a day would be enough…

PM me the settings youre using right now and I’ll get you set up

What do tool do you use if you don’t mind me asking ?

Just direct posting, as I have little bit specific posts.

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I can’t give you some specific settings, this totally depends on your strategy, how many posts you want to publish, at what time and so on…

My suggestion would be to send posts from repost tool to campaign and publish 5-7 posts per day. You’ll have more control over posting if you use campaigns.

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Please don’t copy paste the same question over and over…