I have more than 50 FB accounts. What can I use them for?



I have more than 50 Facebook accoutns each of them with 5k friends and lot of followers. Currently I use them to invite their friends to like some pages and also post links on the wall.

Can you suggest any other ideas that are not so obvious? How can I use these accounts more efficiently?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


What is your actual goal with Facebook? Like is there something in particular you are promoting or perhaps selling? Or are you just looking for new ideas? It’s hard to share anything without knowing what you’re hoping to achieve.


I have two main goals:

  1. Drive traffic to adsense-monetized website
  2. Help a friend to become an influencer in science-related niche

  1. Makes sense. I guess just any way of sharing your link. You can group post, or comment on relevant group posts, if you’re not already. You could DM all the friends.

  2. I don’t know anything about that.

Sorry I’m not too much help with that.
@chris.mccarston does Facebook and may suggest ideas.


Driving traffic to a website simply by posting from the profiles; creating a business page and inviting large number of followers from those profiles.


You could promote stuff.
Just contact product owners and maybe improve sales.
I would have something that you could promote… :wink: