I have old instagram accounts

I have old Instagram accounts created in January 2016. How much an account will have cost? Any idea? I want to post it on the marketplace. Thanks

Hi, are you giving them away or selling them? Do they have followers and posts?
Have they been inactive for years?

I have some niche related accounts. Having 13k real followers. It’s not giveaway. I am asking for price idea.

I think you may have to post this in the marketplace instead.

That’s why I want to know how much it will cost for an account?

If I am breaking forum rule then admin please delete the thread. Thanks

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It’s very hard to say as it depends on the niche, the engagement etc. If you haven’t posted in a long time most likely people would just use it as a dummy account and change all the details so they can dm and have higher social proof.

You won’t be making a lot of money unless you have lots of accounts and they all have great engagement in a great niche

If you send over the username in PM, I will tell you what I would ask for the account :wink:

Sent some accounts username in PM.

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These are multi niches like dog, cats, fashions, shoes, jewelry etc etc.