I have the solution for your FOLLOW BLOCKS

My name is Hugo, i’m kind of newbie on Instagram, been doing this for almost 1 year and in the past month’s I had a lot of follow block’s, when I mean a lot, is a lot, I was following 100 people per day and getting block’s, when I see some guys here and there following 1000 per day :frowning:

Why I’m sharing this? I see some people here I recognize from other forums and after 1 week here reading I saw people here are more helpful more friendly. You are not just trying to sell something( there is one here rarely but you get my point) so I decided to share with you what I learn about my follow block’s from the past week.

There’s multiple reasons why you having follow blocks, the problem we is almost all of us (the noobs) don’t have the right thought when we get hit by a follow block! We just say the problem is from proxy, or in creation, etc Change your thought when you get hit by a follow block enter the mindset you have something to learn about your error.

For the people who don’t like to read, my solution was increasing follow operations and decreasing follows per operation. I was doing 10/15 min per operation and follow 10/20/30 people (20/60 second interval) that you see it’s a lot. I wanted 400 follows per day but when the accounts was following 100/150 it got hit by follow block. Has I said I was doing too much follows per operation now I’m doing 2/4min per operation, 3/6 follows each operation (600/700s interval) now my account takes much more time to follow but after a day I don’t have any follow block :wink:

Sometimes my account followed 100 people in 3/4 hours, nop don’t do like me don’t forget the day has 24 hours you don’t need to follow 400 people in the first hours of the day, dissipate more the follows through out the day. DONE

This was the thing I wasn’t getting last months. I did this image to help you viewing my mindset. I’m warm process so with my settings I can follow 100 people through the day. If you want to use the same settings go on each week I lower the interval between each follow so it’s 600/700s, decrease 50s each week and when the account is full warmed up you can follow 400 people I think (20/40s interval).

Small TIP
This year is all about looking human action so add nightmode to your accounts :slight_smile: it will look more human

If you continue having follow blocks search for account creation, ask proxy’s etc each block has specific solution. mine was doing too much follows per hour, now find your’s
Thank you hope it help’s you and sorry for my bad english!


I’ll have to test this and see if it works but first reaction is I dont know anyone (and I know quite a few people who are damn near addicted to Ig) that follows that often or stays on instagram all day every day. How long have you been testing this without getting a Fblock?


I actually think the opposite makes more sense. :confused:

Also, too many API calls in a short period of time is the worst.


Fblock = Fucking Block = Taste Instagram’s cock


You’re saying more follows per operation, less operations.
But then saying that too many follows per operation is the worst.
Am I misreading?


Has I said i’m doing this for a week :slight_smile: just yellows i on jarvee no red until now. I have accounts created 3/4 ago doing this. all good, but sure I will update this threat when something happens.

Yeah idk anyone here, but I can recognize some names big ones :wink:

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People don’t have the same solutions xD this one worked for me
Your doing the same API calls (I think), your not following less or more people, you just dissipating the follows throught the day :slight_smile:

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YEAHHH who invented the blocks, we just want to seat in our jet, abuse the system and make money while sleeping :smiling_imp:

@imHugoLeandro your follow blocks with your „old“ settings were due to too many actions per hour. When you set 20 it 30 actions wer operation you might do 40-80 actions in certain hours.
When it randomly takes the highest number of actions and the shortest break in between.
Meaning you cross hourly limits for the specific trust this account has.

I have an easier way for you:
Just start with 1-2 actions per hour max limit and increase 2 actions per hour every day. Max at 33 - 35 actions per hour.
This way you don’t have to manually adjust settings.
I run hundreds of accounts with 600 Follow/day without troubles like that.

Just a few that have the current permanent follow block that many of us are experiencing. But this is something else. Never been the case that blocks don’t disappear over days and weeks. Luckily it’s only for 3% of accounts or so when I take the average of many marketers I talked to


Ig be like :joy:


Yeah I think like that, too many follows in question of few minutes like 10/20 follows with 20/60s interval I think is worst.

I don’t have too much money but sure I will test this in the future

Less operations, more follows per operation.

Waiting 3-5 minutes per operations and executing 4-5 follows (or whatever number) I think puts a lot more stress as you are constantly sending API calls.

So yes, same amount of calls but at least you spread them out with more time between.

But yes, everyone sees this differently (and should!). :slightly_smiling_face:

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Everyone going for “undetectable” settings should do some reading about entropy and randomness and how they work together.

Instagram is crunching data when looking at your patterns. The less randomness it has, the more obvious it becomes that it’s automated.

The way I see it, both of your pictures are easily crunched into a pattern.
Meanwhile, the second one is less bad than the first, because following 10-20 users every time you’re active just isn’t real.
You also go into the “too many actions, maybe we should notify this person/block them”

I don’t want to bash you, but this is wrong.

More follows per operation means higher intesity, with longer cooldowns.
Less follows per operation means lower intesity, with smaller cooldowns.
If you’re concerned about how many API requests you’re making in a small amount of time, you’re looking for the 2nd not the 1st.

I’m not exactly sure what you think an API call is, but I think that’s the root of your misunderstanding here.

That depends on how many actions you actually do in the hour. Minimizing operations, minimizing actions per hour and following enough per operation to reach the minimized actions per hour you set.

In my opinion, nothing is good and nothing is bad. It’s a constant hussle and every case is different. I just wanted to share my opinion as the problems for me have been minimal.

By your logic we should all do 60 follows in the first minute of the hour, since it’s 60 per hour.
That’s not how it works.

I only picked your argument because you literally said two polar opposite things in your first post. I’m sorry you can’t see that, but I don’t know how to make it clear.

In my opinion, there are horrible settings. Your stance of “nothing is good, nothing is bad” is way too Shakespearean for the randomness game.

Agree to disagree then my friend! :slight_smile:

Fun fact: I used to have shorter time between operations and less follows. It was a much larger headache than what I am implementing now for the same batch of accounts. Coincidence? Maybe. The more accounts in that sample though, the more I feel its not a coincidence.

You’re taking two stances on this and I’m just telling you that you’re going against your own logic.
It’s not that I agree or disagree, I’m just pointing out the flaws in your bipolar logic.

So, how best to handle API calls? Always willing to learn and hear a different perspective.

I wrote a detailed take on follows, randomness and bot-like activity above.

I’m not going to give out my own setup, but you can understand my take on this.

I don’t know if this will help you, but it’s not about API calls, it’s about not looking like a bot that’s just running based on predetermined settings.


Noted really good method too.
Sure will try this in the future!

One question what age your accounts have to do 600 follows per day?
Create or buy?

Thank you :grin: