I have the solution for your FOLLOW BLOCKS


I prefer to follow for the whole day(with a break) and a larger than normal interval for the amount of of followers per min(or 5 mins). I also do scraping for a lot of the day.


Lets put one example here because i think im missing something, we want fo follow 20 people/hour:

a) 2 Follow Actions, 10 + 10
b) 4 Follow Actions, 5 + 5 + 5 +5

Do you say that option b) is better? I say because most of people considerer option a) better (me also)

But maybe im wrong, if you can give me an explication about why b is better i ll be so much grateful :slight_smile:


This sentence contradicts your method, no human would follow every 2-4 minutes… tbh I, like many others think it’s better to have more follows per operation and longer breaks per operation, since that looks way more humanlike. But happy if it works for you! Just keep in mind that IG might find your pattern sooner or later! :wink:


This is also mostly irrelevant to the current follow block issue, as even the client themselves within the app cannot follow 1 person. Changing settings does nothing in that situation.


You’re misunderstanding my take on this.
I was just saying that Madkap was saying that too many API calls in a short time was bad, but at the same time saying that he does exactly that, by running more follows on each operation.

I don’t know why anyone would say a is better than b, neither why b is better than a.
However more actions means more randomness happening, tho. If that flies over your head, don’t worry too much about it.

Your argument is that humans follow accounts in bulks of 10 to 20 every single time?
Don’t bring humanlike into the argument just to favor your take on it.
No human follows 500 people in a day. Every day.
It’s not that IG might find your pattern, they already did.


thanks for amazing share.

so , what’s your follow setting?


Well yeah, you’re probably right, but there are some people doing f/u manually and I am sure those don’t follow 3-8 accounts every couple of minutes during the whole day, but rather 30-60 every couple hours don’t you think?


Your trick to look humanlike is to act like the 0.0001% who manually spams follows?
Not very humanlike. At that point you’re better following bot patterns, since there’s more of those and you blend in better.


I’d suggest no new Jarvee users follow this advice. It’s also going to have no impact on the current follow blocks.

It would be preferable to minimise operations and total follows per hour and spread these out throughout the day, as @socialgain suggested. Also, start slowly and scale.


I haven’t read everything in depth, but yes, your settings are just incorrect and giving you blocks because of that.

The follow blocks that are others are experiencing in the past week/s are more due to IG throwing a spanner in the works and suddenly things which normally work are not and so we are trying to adapt or just wait it out.

That’s why this was said, I imagine.

It’s a good thread for helping to illustrate why to not do too many actions per hour and then how to fix that, but that is kind of 101 automation settings. It was a bit bold to label what you shared as being the solution to Follow Blocks.


What do you think about Follow Block in the last hours?

Thanks a lot :relaxed:


Instagram is updating their security system. At the moment it’s the best to let some time pass and hopefully they will disappear by themselves.


Thank you @roy. So… no panic :smile:
But I understood that the problem is on the account which has many activity (F/U) from 6-7 and plus. (In my case is that)

Hopefully they will disappear by themselves.


@Chartagara and @roy - lets keep the follow block discussion in one of the mega threads that are in both level 1 and level 2.

I’m locking this one for a few hours so we don’t start another thread on the same topics.

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This is what everyone should:

  1. Calm down
  2. Go out and have a break
  3. Meet new people
  4. Try again tomorrow

Also, if you’re feeling stressed, here are some puppies to make your Wednesday a little better :wink:


Thanks bro you saved my life, I think we should spam other threads with cute little pupies to help this guys <3


Haha thanks. Will do then :wink:


I’m just starting with my first account - and I got a message saying “please wait a few minutes before you try again” I tested w/ jarvee but prob had my limits way too high. I also am running it from my home IP and on my mobile at the same time…is this message I received bad? Can I still automate or am I blocked?