I have this product here, how would you market it?

Hi there,

I own the following shop:

It’s a gift shop and it’s a product that you can’t necessarily buy instantly. How would you market it? Cause we are a team of 3 people with different opinion on this. And i doubt the ad targeting makes sense right now as it would blow the ads budget for no sales. I’m more inclined to fill up in whatever way is possible to come up on sites like „personalized new gifts 2020“
We don’t even know, maybe the product is bad , too pricy or not necessary.

We launched ads for 4 days, we launched the website for 3 weeks and we have 300 followers on IG using engagement groups to add some followers.

We can offer affiliate links.

What do you think?

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Interesting product!
I don’t know if ads will help a lot either, it’s very unique and I didn’t fully understand what it was about at first so seeing it in an ad might be too confusing for a customer.

Here is what I would do:

  • Obviously grow your IG account, make sure to gain more followers as they become potential customers for free!

  • Look for Youtube/IG influencers who are not too big and make them introduce your product in detail, offer them a payment + affiliate link (make sure to do enough research and look at their ER and COMMENTS, if their comments are generic or if they don’t have many comments on their posts then their profile is useless)

  • Make your own videos and introduce the products as best and as you can and make it interesting

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Make a video of someone designing their own poster. Then make it a Youtube ad, and target weddings, anniversaries, gender reveal, etc. If you want to go all out, make a different video of someone making their own poster for each type of targeting. Offer a special Youtube only promo only available through the link in the ad.


I’d probably stick this on Facebook versus IG. More robust audience & more flexible with what you can do with it.

Also, figure out how to create a viral worthy post so it can spread with minimal effort/$$$.

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This is a good option.

I’ll add to have a funnel, lead generation and email marketing strategy since DAY ONE in place. Doing that, you’d be generating a long-term business model, instead of short-mid term always depending on FB or IG ads. You need to have your followers/email listing base in any online-business! Remember what is said. A customer in an email list is worth AT LEAST $1 per month!



forget IG automation for those things, you must use Facebook Ads (with great budget)

Create an emotional video as TOFU, for awareness and then you can re-targeting who saw it for purchase.

Obviously you need few months until you start getting clients and clicks. After that you can work with a Look a like audience based on many factors, such as purchase or add to cart events.

Anyway the key is budget. If you don’t have at least 500$/month for FB ads everything is pretty useless imho

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Thanks for your answers, i appreciate it. I also had a phone call with a strategist who adviced me to focus more on pinterest as the product is more tend to being a gift right now. Anybody using Pinterest, and is there anything to think of while using it?

What is the actual product?

I think you need to work on a few things:

  1. Showing what the product is in a short video on your homepage (a how it works section).
  2. You still need to work on your website (on Firefox there are some CSS issues).

Other than that, your product is a “demonstrable” product, so you can invest a lot of demo videos that you can, later on, distribute on IG and other social networks.

Also, you can even target other market niche like corporate events or billboard advertising.

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Thanks for your post and the info about Firefox, will test that later. I have already an unpublished site which i updated, but can add Firefox into the testing before i publish it.

Well, do you have an issue understanding the product? Isn’t scannable poster clear enough? Did you check a product page? I would be interested where you went to the page that you couldn’t understand our product yet, as this is very important for us.

man, trust me. If you have this product, the only way to be successful is using FB Ads. Nor automation or Pinterest or blablabla organic traffic.

First of all you have to setup your FB Pixel with more events. When I go on the cart it has a “Pageview” event. You cannot re-target who was on the checkout without a proper event set.

If you really want to push it hard, go with FB Ads, start with a “broad” campaign to understand which audience perform better and then optimize.

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I’d combine Facebook ads with Pinterest. If you get the keywords right (in your profile, on board name and description and in the pin description), you’ll have insane organic reach, even with zero followers. It’s not even a lot of effort, maybe half an hour to set everything up and to write your pin description, and you’re good to go. Just pin a different photo or video of your poster every other day or even just once a week (you can even automate that with the Pinterest approved scheduler, if I recall correctly the tool lets you schedule 100 pins free of charge) and you’re golden.
I’d pin from your shop, so the pin leads directly to it.

No need to throw all your eggs in one basket.

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Quick question,

If I got a store with for example 30-50 products, how would you market it on Facebook ads? Make on ad of the most promising product or?

Yes we really looking into Pinterest right now, as i got advised by Online Strategist. With that i found the app tailwind, where we have to look into that ‘tribe’ thing that i completely unknown for me. But the app/site has a extension that lets me schedule the product right from the shop page into pinterest, that’s pretty comfortable.

Is not that I didn’t understand the product, but it took me a few good seconds to get it.

IMO (this is just a personal prefence), a demonstrable video on your homepage hero section will get better. Your product is visual and I will emphasize that.

You made me do some research and here are a couple of websites that look good and have a clear landing page copy:

Also, another idea: a simple js script with a form field where your visitors can write something in it and then you’ll pop over a digital poster (a random one) with their text coded in the image (sort of like the digital version of your posted). This would also increase engagement and commit your users.

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Thanks for the work to share the links.

Unfortunately i cant code in java to realize your idea. It would also take up plenty of time.

But i fixed the Firefox issues, it looked really horrible. We didnt have much visitors anyway so i guess it hasn’t been seen :

Right now were working on growing followers on IG and Pinterest.

I got recommended to use the Tribes in Tailwind, anybody has experience with that?