I keep getting disabled upon each account sign up

Please I need someone to put me through a safe way to signup a new IG account for the purpose of Likes exchange. I currently get disabled each time I put up any account with non existing or existing gmail account

There are many factors as the device you use and IP address, try a new device with 4g connection this should work for one accounts

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I used another device it was the same story :man_shrugging:t4: Also used my fiancée’s mobile data and it was still thesame :disappointed: any help pls

Note you shoud go very slow with the setting as it’s a new one and chance are very high you get banned

when they get disabled?

I have only tried to create just one account, it says something went wrong after signing up and the account vanishes

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there is lots of reasons why you could be getting banned. Make sure to use gmail for these accounts and not use any restricted words.

Believe it or not the word “black” is restricted or at least was for me - I tried to set up an account name with 2 words one of which was “black” (“blackandwhite” or something like that) and got insta banned. So even the words that you wouldnt expect to be restricted could in fact very well be banned.

I didn’t use black or any restricted word, I used 2 random combined names so that it can look real as possible :relieved: