I keep getting temporarily restricted

I need help does anyone know why i might be getting temporarily restricted? Any ideas would help

kind regards Bexy

settings too fast/aggresive for account ? give it a rest for few days and start with slow settings and work your way up

Well you are providing 0 information about your case so we can’t really give you any advise. Proxy being used? If so, what type? Actions per day? What type of actions? How was the account made? So many factors…

thank you ill try that and see if it works

i dont use Proxy, and i dont go on facebook that much so probably only one action per day and the actions would be sharing a funny video.

Yeah, just like others said, perform your actions in a less aggressive manner. Share something engaging from time to time that is not related to what that Facebook account serves you for. Nowadays, it’ getting harder and harder to create a “fake” FB profile without getting the account closed, and if you do it using a proxy it will ask you for a personal photo identification.

That’s so frustrating,had the same problem with my ads some months back luckily my colleague recommended DEEXTECHXX on Instagram. My account was reinstated within a short time.