I literally got banned for saying hi (livestream)

I was livestreaming for a minute, saying hi to people, then screen went white and I quit app. Returned to livestream and it said I was banned for 7 days. Says doesn’t meet age requirements. Contacted support but what gives??? I never post inappropriate content either.

PS unrelated but does anyone notice their account grow easier after certain number of followers? Like 15k?

I assume someone reported you, and the system automatically banned you for 7 days. Manual bans are normally permanent. You could always send them an email, but they never reply or consider them.

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yeah, that’s probably what happened someone reported you and they shut you down.

What about your 15 K theory, did you experience that? please share more details.

Have had luck submitting tickets through the app.

I’m not there yet, was just hypothesizing. That’s odd someone reported me for no reason. Must be a hater

Ummm update ban hasn’t been lifted. Wow their support is awful

how long has it been?

Since this post was made like 2-3 days?

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Their support usually responds in 1-3 days for me. I feel like if they banned you for something they’re like f this person and don’t respond(at least in my experience haha).

What do you mean? I haven’t done anything inappropriate or insulting to their platform

Also it could be just me but I’m seeing it affect my view count too
like by 50%

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How do you contact support?

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“report a problem” in the settings. Then click around tell you find where you can write a message.

you never answered me about the 15 K theory that you mentioned, i really would like to know more if you have any more details to share :blush:

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They reply to these? I haven’t had any issues so far. I’ve only asked questions, but never got any replies.

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Yep! Used it several times. They only reply if it is a legitimate query, though. What are you guys wanting to do with that?

I’ve only used it for a simple bug I had. Whenever I refreshed “All activity”, I kept getting different notifications. Sometimes from 2 weeks ago. It got fixed though.

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Yeah doubt they would respond to something like that.

Yeah, as far as I know, that was a major bug, which got fixed with the latest update.

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