I literally LOL-ed 😂

So actually this exist, because why not ?


awesome :smiley:

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Uuuu :smiley: Watch out machine, C&D letter coming…


These guys are spamming the hell out of vk and i don’t see vk giving a shit. LOL.

And for some reason everyone says russia is out of /their/ jurisdiction.

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What’s the deal with VK? Anyone tried marketing there?

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OMG, It must be great experience to get instagram likes from vending machines. :joy:

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:smile: Is this just a joke or is this the real thing??

This is real, i read it on mashable… But it’s great to get this vending machines.

Of course, who doesn’t want fake likes from half-naked Brazilian men :slight_smile:


Yeah, that is what I am thinking too. I think people will just laugh at the idea of people buying like to be famous. I remember the lots of sarcastic remark being made in the internet about news of fake girlfriend or even fake friend in China and Japan

Every Russian I know IRL, at least from Moscow, has a fake following - so I totally believe this. One girl had 16k fake followers, and every post got around 50 likes.

She recently “gave up” and started a new account, probably because she wasn’t getting enough attention with the fakes.

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Well, every Mpsocial members I know have fake followers

I don’t. On my personal profile, my followers are only real, living humans - females, 20-25 years old.


I am including all our profiles, not just personal profile.

Must be a lot of gay male masquerading as female


I was there and the machine is nice ^^ but you can buy followers at the internet for a better price, if you really counting followers