I lost like 200$ today! Advice me!

Today I bought some really nice facebooks accounts 4-5 years aged and a high quality acivity log.
I also bought some high quality proxies for them and I tried to use them in mass planner!
Now I have a big problem. First two accounts worked with no problem.
Now every account opens with a security check. I can not complete the security check . What can I do to log in facebook accounts and to not have problem with a security check at my first log in?? I’m from europe, the accounts were made in U.S. my proxies are for U.S. Do I need to use a vps? or what? I just want to log in in them without that security check! (I’ve got a friend that he managed to log on in them without any problem but he won’t tell me anything)

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That’s what any real friend would do :vulcan:

That is not what I’m asking! I p.s.ed that because I want to say that it is possible!

ask cookies from your seller

He doesn’t have them… Allready tried!

what kind of security check u r facing?

Recognize my last comments
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But that is not the problem! My problem is how to log them and not get that security check… At least for the first time

if you are hit with security check you are not able to bypass and cant login directly. better you should change your proxies and give a try


I tried 3 different sites… could you recomand me a good one?

i didnt use much proxy provider i am using Instaproxies never faced any issues like this. if u got proxies with same starting subnet that may lead to security check or account ban.

when you change IP of an account you will be asked to phone verify or email verification but its annoying your accounts might be used to spam already.

So there is no any possibility if I change the Ip of an account to not be asked for a security check?..Even if I buy the best quality proxies?

And it’s ok at my first log in to use Mass Planner?

FB is annoying too much. just setup your accounts on MP and add different proxies for each account(try with 2 or 3 accounts). configure MP to autoback for 8hours once and leave for 3 or 4 days or manually login yourself with EB everyday atleast 3 or 4 times. if it works you may recover all accounts.

Do you have the date of birth of the accounts? If you do, wait 3 days then try logging in again, you’ll see date of birth to unlock.