I lost my account data!

2 days ago . I have added 20 accounts and created 10 campaing in Jarvee. But today after Jarvee reset, I don’t find 20 accounts and 10 campaing that I created anywhere. Please help me recover the data I have created. Thank you!

Can you explain a bit more what the reset means? Restart? Reinstall?

I have restarted the Jarvee ( I schedule 1 week Jarvee automatic restart 1 time)

you can try using one of the backups there, start with the most recent one and see if you are able to get your data back

Settings–> Error/backup

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If what Luca says doesn’t solve the issue, check if you have two Jarvee shortcuts in your desktop which leads to two different installation folders.

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Thank you Luca

Thank You Ossi