I lost my acess to the email so cant get the verification code, (blocked for pinishing) what do i do?) PLEASE HELP ME

Hello, my account has been temporarily blocked for pinishing, and I lost access to the email connected to it. Please help me!!!1

Is this for Instagram? If yes, please check out What can I do if I've lost access to the email or phone number I signed up with on Instagram? | Instagram Help Center

What tools are you using the leads to the Temporarily block of your account?

My Hotmail. However, it is very difficult to access it because even though I have the password it requires me to do the form:((

You need to send that form many times untill they reply to your request.

Is your IG account connected to a FB account?

Are your referring to the support request form on iG?

Yes I think they are connected, the email for Facebook is the same for Instagram.

No, I mean the form on Microsoft, but I tried to do it and it says I didn’t provide enough information to get back into my Hotmail account. However I have the password now, but since at the beginning I tried multiple time times to log in without having the password, my hotmail account is blocked. I don’t know what do!!! i want my Instagram back !!!