I love you Jarveeeee!

I got a ransomware virus on my VPS, basically impossible to get all the files back.

I had a bunch of child accounts for a client and my own business.

Deleted the virus via malwarebytes, but all sites said the decryption is not public yet, basically I had to pay a btc ransom if I wanted files back.

However, I just redownloaded Jarvee, and to my surprise, all accounts are there!

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congrats! But also, weird. As Jarvee keeps all the files locally and nothing stays in cloud. It keeps the data in your AppData folder iirc. If that’s encrypted/deleted then you basically kiss goodbye to it. Are you sure it wasn’t a hoax and actual encryption occurred?

Either way, to prevent this from happening in the future I would advise:

  1. Have a strong long password and don’t browse random sites on your work vps
  2. Have an antivirus installed if you do browse random sites and download unknown files
  3. Get a google drive file sync app and simply select the entire Jarvee folder to sync realtime. Everything will always be backed up for you.

You could completely neglect 1 and 2 if you do point 3. As backing up the entire folder will always allow you simply put the copy of the Jarvee on any other pc/vps.


Superb points here for when I set up a new box.
Yeah dude, my dumb ass torrented Excel without an antivirus.
They did encrypt everything, but I guess they missed the roaming folders

Google sync never works well for me, but I will try it out.

most vps offers stellar internet speeds to google sync works flawlessly 99% of the time. It does need an occasional restart but that’s every 1-2 weeks. It can get a bit weird with all the moving files that Jarvee creates and deletes non stop so be sure to tick the box saying remove files from the cloud automatically when files are removed locally and then you’ll be good. This has saved hundreds of accounts for me when my server went down in the past and I do this with all of my files at all times. Keep in mind, even if soemone would be malicious enough to wipe your entire drive, this would not sync to the cloud since it would be an instant. And if, worst case, there’s time to sync google keeps everything in the trash for 30 days so you can always recover it.

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Never heard of google sync. Is this like a backup operator? How much does it cost?

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We also use Google Backup & Sync on all our servers.
Also good… server side backup. Your VPS provider should backup your VPS installation and be able to restore it anytime. These backups are the safest since they are usually done professionally and have multiple redundancies.

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I am glad to hear that. It saved you from probably days and days of work :slight_smile:

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nice @InstaZeus glad to hear that it worked for you :muscle: :muscle:

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They told me they don’t have a backup, mind you it’s a cheaper company. I wonder if they did this? Lol.

its the app version of google drive and works even on the free version as long as you don’t go over 15gb limit iirc :slight_smile: I use it extensively for clients work and backing up stuff, I would say its one of the most integral parts of the entire business haha.

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Thanks will check it out

Do we need to backup the whole jarvee folder or the backup folder within it?

I’m sure backing up just the backup itself is enough, but I do the whole thing cuz why not.