I’m having a problem wit receiving a SMS message from Instagram

I’m having a current problem with my Instagram account I recently got a new IPhone & I’m trying to get back into my Instagram account but it won’t let me receive verification code , can sumbody point me in the right direction ?

Try using your friends phone number, families, anyone else phone number and see if it works…

Happens to me all the time, and I use my brothers.

There phone number isn’t linked to my Instagram account !

Ive had this issue before. Try getting a code to your email too.

Try spamming the send code button a few times in a row or many times in a row like 5-8 times try clicking it a bunch and then check your email or phone for the code. Idk why but when you spam it it helps it send it. Like if you only click it one time sometimes it doesnt work or takes forever but if you spam the send code button it will send faster.

At the very worst you will have to just wait and keep trying every day or every few hours.

You probably won’t get the verification since it isn’t linked to your account, or you’re referring to is you used another account to use the same number which is why it isn’t showing on your previous account. I’m kinda confuse by this answer.

Do not change the phone number (and I don’t think going crazy on the “send a code” button is a good idea).
Try to reset the password with a link, and Instagram should “find its way back” to your email without flagging you because you change your phone number too many times.

I might be a bit conservative here, but better safe than sorry.