I’m trying to make a new account on TikTok but it says “ u are visiting are site to much” HELPPPP

Please help me I need a new account of image

Are you sure that’s what it says? Could you show a screenshot of the exact notice? What does that even mean?

What? I’ve never heard of this issue :thinking:

Do you already have accounts that you use from the same IP or proxy from which you are trying to create this account as well? I had this message, but not in this case.

I got that error when I tried to log in to one of my TikTok accounts via API. Creating account on EB works just fine. How did you create your account exactly?

Having this error also, whats the max amount you can login into 1 IP?

it’s better to login from 1 device so that you can avoid all kind of verification and stuff.

Just wanted to update. My account that had the same error goes back to valid again after I stopped it for 5 days. If you get the same error, just stop your account for a few days before verifying it again.

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