I made 150 usd per month from 10k page

i made 150 usd per month from 10k page selling stuff related in my niche so i dont understand why people run growth services to grow clients accounts while they can grow their own account pls tell the secret why all people here want to run clients account?

Congratulations, keep on going. I also sell my own stuff and don’t run accounts for customers, but I believe that people do that because it’s easier to automate growth and scale it up than do the production, customer support, shipping, marketing, warranties etc. Plus they charge 150$ for running their accounts on autopilot, while you had to put more effort in the process.

Because you can make way more money if you know what you’re doing. And if you know what you’re doing you’re able to grow client accounts. Not only that, growing clients takes way more effort and time.

Running clients accounts it’s a work that bring big revenue if you know what you’re doing.

Congrats on your success but you can make wayyyyyyyyyyy more than 150usd per month running your own agency.

You could easily go from 0 to 6 figures in a couple of months running an agency.

how to find clients? by the dm?