I need 100,000-300,000 fake followers for Experiment

I was wondering if someone could help me out here since this will be e first time I will buy fake followers for this experiment… can anyone give or link me to where I can get some… my plan is to get the fake followers and then grow the account manually and I want to see a difference in analytics.

Save your money. You might of been able to pull it off 6 months ago.

Nowadays you’ll likely lose all of the fake followers before the week is over.


Thanks for the info … I’ve never bought fake followers so good to know … so if I bought some then how fast do they fall off???

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Pretty fast, because IG bans the accounts doing the mass follows. You’ll lose most of what you’ll lose in the first week. After that, the rest will slowly just drop day by day.

Well what if you do just like 1,000 followers a day for 100 days

You could try it, but tbh it’s likely not even worth it nowadays. One IG’s sole purpose in the major update was to eliminate fake followers, likes, etc… so you should already know what your up against.