I Need A New Mobile Proxy. Please Help!

So i’ve been playing around trying to get Jarvee to work for months now and facing constant temp block issues.

I’m hosting on an Amazon VPS and last night it was once again giving me temp blocks so I thought I’d try and take my current mobile proxy off of my account and run on the native Amazon VPS IP and It actually worked! I managed to complete all my actions and no issues which kinda confirms it must be down to my proxy.

I’m currently using Henry Cooper Mobile proxies and would like to try and test out some others to see what happens so does anyone have any recommendations? I keep seeing people mention AirProxy but I just can’t afford that at the moment. It a big jump from the $4 a proxy I’m paying now.

I’m based in the UK so any UK based Mobile Proxies would be great as well as I do always wonder if it’s the location making a difference (HC is in Thailand)

Any thoughts?

Note: This isn’t bashing the HC proxies btw. They just don’t seem to be working for me personally atm but lots of other people seem to have luck with them x

@HenryCooper if you have any other options your end I’d also be happy to chat. The mobile ones just don’t seem to like me much :confused:

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Friend, I honestly don’t think it’s a proxies problem.

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Location is not an issue if it is proper handled by the provider :slight_smile:. We have a few big agencies from the US renting more than 1000 LTE modems each and none of them have issues with how we handle our location.

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Instagram thinks my German proxies are from China. Honestly I don’t give a damn about locations anymore, there are other factors which trigger some sort of verification.

If it’s not then how is it working on the Amazon VPS IP but not on my Mobile proxy though? The mobile proxy just fires temp blocks :confused:

Any ideas what I may be able to do? I’ve been working with Jarvee’s support to get things working so have settings down to the best of my knowledge. Just seemed odd that everything started working as soon as I ran on the Amazon VPS IP. Any help would be fantastic

Just so everyones aware, as far as the location goes I’m always going on to the EB and setting the login activity to ‘This Was Me’ anytime I re-login to keep trust and Jarvee is only working when everyone is off their accounts (overnight) so I’m doing everything I can there to make sure no conflicts and to try and keep insta happy with the login being authentic

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How long did you use the IP of the VPS?

I’m using DC proxies at 26 cents each. Still seeing some temp blocks but no more than when I was using residential or mobile proxies.


I connect mine with public VPN and it works better than 4g (for manuall-bot).