I need a private tutor on how to promote cpa offers


I just registered to Adwork media as a publisher
I am new to CPA promotion and have tried different methods but am yet to get even one click, maybe am not doing it well. Please someone who can help?


You shouldn’t post your private info such as skype id or email in any forum as there might be users that will take advantage of this.

I would suggest taking things slow and reading as much information as you can about Affiliate marketing. You shouldn’t also jump from one method to another if you see that it’s not working.

Focus on one thing at the moment.

Also, members here who are earning money will likely ignore such posts and will not contact you. I assure you that those who will contact you will take advantage of you.

Becareful my friend and good luck.


I would hardly call myself an “expert” at CPA, but there’s really no secret.

Be creative - you can’t do what everyone else is doing. It’s a fair bet that the method you read about has already been done to death by everyone else who read it. Use those posts to brain storm. Come up with your own unique twist to promote your offer.

Be a salesman - part & parcel to the previous point, you need to come up with a hook that will make people want to click through. Don’t just post your link & expect people to click - especially on Instagram. What’s the hot button you can push? Find that & use it to your advantage.

I seriously doubt you’re going to get any legitimate offers for help. If someone knows how to make money they aren’t going to give away what’s working for them. Trial & error, play around & figure it out. Read the other threads here & ask questions.

Best way to learn.


Thanks. and Noted


You have everything you need right here on the forum.

I highly doubt anyone will tell you all the secrets they’re using to get clicks and conversions… well, anyone but me.

But I’m not going to tutor you or ask for anything in return. Everything I did is published here, explained step by step so all you need is willingness to start and not give up when you get hit with first bans.



You want a private tutor? You don’t need one everything you need is here it might be confusing at the moment but research learn take action and once you start getting the gist of things stuff will start making sense.


Thanks for the advice. I will go through posts now and try to understand more