I Need a SEO service?

Hi I am a travel blogger looking for help with my SEO as I have had a blog for 3 years and can’t seem to get more than 150 views a day from SEO. Does anyone offer a SEO service or can provide with advice or training.

Hubspot is known to have some pretty solid free courses. Might be worth checking out:

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I do SEO… Feel free to message me.

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Sure I can help you with advice for SEO. Drop me a message.

I’ve been doing SEO since 2006 in some of the most competitive niches online. Feel free to reach out if you’re looking for any pointers.

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Hello, I have been doing SEO for 20 years. Contact me on instagram @submitexpress

Thank you! Appreciate the offer!

PM me we can talk via skype and see!!

These days if you don’t have a big budget to afford high quality links, high quality content then don’t even bother.

What do you mean quality content I make my own content and where do you find high quality links

I think hes talking about black hat methods of seo

And links i think he means urls

Like travel.com or something along those lines

Could be entirely wrong but thats my guess

what is black hat seo methods and are they bad.

Yes they are bad. It’s things like buying backlinks. Eventually Google will find out and penalize you. Stay away from people suggesting things like that.

i get mine from freelancer.com
You get really cheap and good deals there.
I have someone doing mine for 50€ a month, and its doing really really well.

i have freelancer also… can you dm me with the user name .i also need some seo work done for a website

I have a website on the Squarespace platform and recently hired Lucrative Studio. Their squarespace SEO experts tested, analyzed, and provided different techniques to rank my website within two months.

SEO doesn’t guarantee you views. Otherwise everyone would get what they want, since SEO is pretty straightforward and easy to implement. SEO maximizes your site’s chances of being found by people, but it doesn’t guarantee you that a lot of people will visit your blog. And people selling you “SEO services” can’t guarantee you that either. Advertisement is the only way to “kind of” guarantee people will visit your site.