I need advice about proxy


I am trying to promote my store by 10 x IG accounts. I have already used two types of proxy. The first proxy worked well, but I could not post. The second proxy, works constantly with problems, follow block, PV and etc. Today I got 6 PV. I have to change the proxy.

Anyone from us can recommend a working proxy ?

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There are few threads regarding those. I would try either Smartproxy or Geosurf. Google for some coupons to get discounted. You can save quite a few bucks.
Also, the settings do matter now more then ever. Create accounts, let them sit and start really slowlly with extra care. Instagram is working on their algorithm as it seems. PV notices are often comming with frequent action settings.

Ok, I’m looking for a proxy at the price level of $ 1- $ 2 for one proxy. Price It may be and more, but it needs good recommendations that the proxy actually works well.

As I wrote earlier, I have already used a proxy from two suppliers and lost a lot of money. That’s why I’m changing my tactics a bit now.

IDK what country you are living in but could be worth looking to create your own mobile proxy with a RaspB and some cheap data SIMs !?

Your gonna have one hell of a time trying to find a “quality” proxy for $1 to $2 per proxy. And expect lose money before you ever make any.

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Geosurf is way too expensive.

Listen. A few months ago I used a proxy from the X provider, I was very happy, I used it for CPA (black hat niches). I thought that this proxy would work fine today. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I already have everything ready, but I need to get a good proxy provider quickly.

If is the possibility, I would like to try to buy a proxy for $1 - $2 and growth my accounts. If the niche will make profits, I will buy a better proxy and I will do more action.

It’s probably a simple fact that if you start a new project, you do not buy all the best. Unless you have a lot of money and you do not take risks …