I need email hosting solution for cold emails

Hey guys, can anyone tell me what hosting provider i should use if i need multiple users over same domain for cold emailing? I tried migadu, but they somehow block me , maybe thats because of sending cold emails… And im not able to professionally send emails since people see @gmail.com , not @domain.com … Any help is appreciated!

Did you try Gsuite or Office 365? That’s some of the best providers out there,Best in Quality as well as Best in Blocking Spam too.

So how do you cold Email Successfully? The platform you choose matters a lot but successfully cold emailing without Account Blocks is a step by step procedure starting from Scraping Emails,Validating Them,Spinning and Personalising Content to be Sent,Using a Cold Email Tool with Good IP’s and using an Email Warmup Service for your Email you are sending Cold Emails.

Steps and Procedure matter a lot,Platforms are easily availaible out there.

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Checkout zoho mail. They have so many tools for marketing. And yes you can try MailChimp they have Custom domain feature also. Take a look on both.

Did you try these email deliver providers:
SendGrid, MailGun, ActiveCampaign, SendInBlue, ContactContact, MailJet, MailerLite, Zoho?

I’ve been using most of them for bulk email postings.

There should be several ways to achiveve this