I need facebook accounts for sale

Hello every one i need facebook accounts for sale should the accounts be real and have post in 2019 also europien and usa accounts or asian accounts


how many accounts you are looking for?

Please feel free to Pm me, I’m an account provider @Soufian_Amayour

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i got some aged ones of 2018 europe/asia for 6 usd each

I’m interested,how do i contact you?

this is my whatsapp +212698654063

this is my whatsapp contact me

please can you contact me in my whatsapp

Added you on Whatsapp.

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Yooo got my dms I own 234

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please contact me here in my whatsapp +212698654063

interested. do you still have any?

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If you wish to sell something, please open a sale thread in the #public-marketplace

I have an active account, focused on Weddings, Growing, 5 Million followers.
Are you still seeking to purchase?

@RhondaRayeC PM me a price and give me a link to the profile to check out.

Not sure what this could be worth…

If you want to sell something or are looking to buy something please check out the #public-marketplace and #public-marketplace:want-to-buy-looking-for


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