I need followers for my 100 profiles, any panel to get them?

Hi there,
I knew justAnotherPanel and Followiz; but price are too high. Anyone know any site or can offer this service? I need 1k followers per profile and I manage 100 profiles, so 100k followers.

I hear that this can destroy your profile, I’m not really sure of the specifics (enlighten us great gurus of MPsocial). Somebody will probably say grow them yourself.

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Many panels, few real suppliers/farms. That’s the issue there. Many reselling from the very few.
Good luck with your search for reliable panels.

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I don’t need followers come from real people

Any other reply, looking yet!!!

I am looking for this too, I see some of the brands having extremely real looking fake followers and that don’t experience drops - the ones from panels cant even compare. If anyone knows of any reliable supplier please pm!