I need good Mother Child Accounts provider!

Hey guys,

As you all know, F/U method is very limited so far. I’m turning a lot of clients to Mother Child method. But it’s extremely exhausted…

If you are able to support. Please dm me!



I would also like to find some mother slave accounts. And will pay.


My friend @Itsyourtime might be able to help.

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@oneoneseven knows more about M/S, and is getting harder to do it.

5% only, depends of how many views you do, I’m close to reach the 2000 views por day.

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Whats your percentage of story commenting? Not sure from the tests yet but i feel like commenting on stories might trigger PV/bans (at least for my childs that are in warm up fase)

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How does one set up this MS thing? I heard there’s different ways to approach this.

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@oneoneseven we can’t really control what we will comment on the stories, I would not use the story comments. Too random. Too small value because not targeted comments, imo.

Why not comments, if very targeted. Unless you’ve got a bright idea, i’ll say no for story comments

@Agent242 Many ways indeed, it’s all about create a lot of acc and promoting your main. Many ways to promote them, tho. You’ll not find the best answers here I guess, no one will give away their own M/S setup like this :wink: So try to be creative, and put your mind inside a random casual IG user. Then you’ll be sucessfull !

@denis1 however story comments could possibly bypass the no-go DM to non followers. Since after the story comment you could go for an auto reply. Does it make sense?

Cant say it for 100% sure but if the comments isnt something ‘spammy’ i wasnt getting flagged or banned i think

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Yes, indeed you might manage to do that. I believe it’s possible, eventhough I never use the “Story comment” function.

However, I enjoy being really targeted with my comments and DM’s. My comments only talk about what is actually on the target’s post, and not like “Awesome feed, keep it up !” or, we all saw this one aha : "I don’t know if it’s the place or the composition, but it’s a very nice pic !’’

No way :no_good_man: It has to be highly targetable, and bring value to people’s post. Otherwise, to my mind, it doesn’t bring anything for the risk taken :slightly_smiling_face:

anyone knows or tested them?

No, I don’t personally ! But I don’t like mass services like that. I feel like it’s not gonna be custamizable as you could wish

To be confirmed tho, I don’t like to sell the bear’s skin before killing it :gorilla:

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