I need Help :D i have a question for the billing system

Hey guys i “bought” the Standard 6 month no subscription package today with PayPal and i didn`t receive a bill yet on PayPal ?? My Massplanner account tells me that im in the “free Trial” period right now but im not sure if i Need to buy my six months Standard package again or will it be booked of automaticaly after the Trial … thx in advance :smiley:

You created free trial account today, but you still haven’t been charged. After 5 days, you will be charged automatically in case you created subscription. Days to your license will be added as soon as PayPal charges you.

so do i Need to add the subscription again or is that going to happen automatically ?

It tells me my current plan is the massplanner stadnard six month license :smiley: thx for the help

If you clicked get 1 ( Month, then there’s no subscription created and you won’t be charged automatically. If you clicked Subscribe now, then you created subscription and you’ll be charged automatically.

You can login to your online account here
and check have you created subscription or not.

Thank you Kind sir !!

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